Children’s Choir


Trains children between 7-12 years old in sight-reading and ear-training and prepares them to sing for special liturgies at Rosary Church.

Time of meeting

Every Saturday 3:00 – 5:00pm

Place of meeting

Meeting room

Halfway through the year 1998, the members of the English-language Pastoral Committee (EPC) reached a consensus that there was a standing significant need for a relevant follow-up program for those children who have successfully completed Rosary Church’s well-established English-based catechism curriculum. Upon the discernment of the EPC and at the initiative of then associate pastor Fr. John Casey, M.M., the decision was made to constitute the Rosary Church Children’s Choir.

The Children’s Choir was established not only to nurture and develop our young parishioners’ musical abilities but also to serve as a means for on-going spiritual formation.

From an initial roster of 13 members, the choir flourished into a community of 30 regular members on average, a support group of parent coordinators and a band of dedicated alumni in a span of seven years.

The children – aged 7-12 years and of varying ethnicity – attend regular rehearsals every Saturday afternoon where they undergo intensive Sight Reading/Ear Training sessions and make preparations for scheduled parish liturgies, para-liturgies and other special social functions under the auspices of their choral director Ruel Trinidad and instrumentalist Butch Durias. Their annual calendar is divided into two six-month terms with corresponding term-breaks during summer and immediately after Christmas. There are no rehearsals during public holidays and orientation for new members is always on-going.

All through the years, the choir has also become a catalyst for fostering community fellowship through their array of annual Halloween costume-parties, Christmas get-togethers, birthday surprises, reunions and family outings. The parents’ essential supportive role in the program becomes ever more distinctly relevant during the organization of such blithe occasions.

Blessed with talented and committed young alumni, the Children’s Choir also proved to be a fertile pool for potential lay ministers for Rosary Church now and in the future.

With thanksgiving and fervent hope, the choir continues to imbibe divine grace, strength, guidance and encouragement day-by-day – and for years to come – so that it may constantly provide inspiration to the worshipping community of Rosary Church. Amidst the joys and blessings already incurred all through our hundred years as a parish community, we expectantly aspire for Jesus our Lord to perpetually shine forth brightly in the radiant faces and angelic voices of our children; through their love of music and of each other.

For further information, please contact Mrs. Louie Limbaga (Parent co-ordinator) at 9546 1554

Published on: 19-01-2020 (Last modified: 03-10-2020)