Life Teen


Youth Ministry program of Rosary Church for English-speaking teenagers. Catechetical sessions called “life nights” are held every Saturday evening. Life Teen also holds XLTs (Exult), outreach, special prayer services, fellowships and other youth-oriented events designed to bring teens to a deeper appreciation of their faith and deepen their relationship with God.


Life nights (exclusive to teenagers) every Saturday evening at 6:00pm. This program is on-going throughout the year.


Fr. Mike Sloboda, MM or Ruel Trinidad (Youth Minister)

Rosary Church Kowloon has initiated a youth ministry, which aims to reach out to English-speaking teenagers and allow them the unique opportunity of a faith experience that has touched the lives of so many young people all over the world.

The program is called LIFE TEEN.

The goal of Life Teen is to create an environment to lead teens into a relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. Life Teen endeavors to reach teens on all levels: emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social.

What makes this program so exceptional is that it is centred on the Eucharist. Each week, a special youth-oriented Mass is celebrated, which is followed immediately by a YOUTH-ONLY Life Night where issues relevant to young people are “creatively” discussed in light of the teachings of Christ and his Church. The Teen Mass and Life Night primarily aim to lead teens to a deeper relationship with Christ and challenge them to live out the responsibilities of their faith journeys.

Life Teen was started in the United States in 1985, but has since spread to many Catholic communities around the globe. Here in Asia, parishes in Japan, Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines have adopted this program. Rosary Church is the first parish in China to offer the Life Teen program to its youth.

We at Rosary Church are very enthusiastic in bringing this program to the teens not only of our parish but of other parishes within the Hong Kong diocese as well.

Life Teen Masses (anticipated) in English are scheduled every Saturday afternoon at 5:30 p.m. at Rosary Church, 125, Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. The entire family and teenagers – in particular – are invited to attend. And if they wish so, the teens are most welcome to share the unique experience of the exclusive Life Night sessions that follow in the church hall immediately after mass.

For more details, you may contact Rosary Church Kowloon’s Youth Minister Ruel F. Trinidad at 9490 1084. You may also visit Life Teen’s official web site for more information about the program worldwide.

We urge you, come and see!

Published on: 19-01-2020 (Last modified: 01-10-2020)