Year of Parish Renewal

Prayer for Parish Renewal

Heavenly Father, by your Divine Providence you have redeemed mankind through the Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ, your Son, and have formed all nations into a single family, the Church.

We are grateful to you for calling us to be Christians and to be living stones that buildup the Church. Together with our parish, we take part in the evangelising mission that Christ has entrusted to the Church.

Father of Mercy and Compassion, we, your children, have often neglected,by word and deed, to bear witness to your Love and Goodness. Our parish has likewise not always set an example of the Church as a home that welcomes and cares for everybody. For these failings of ours, we humbly ask for your forgiveness.

Heavenly Father, we implore you to help our parishioners to grow in the faith. May we, as members of the Body of Christ, enrich one another with our own gifts and talents, be open-minded in accepting others, and be united by the bond of fraternal Communion. May the Holy Spirit enlighten us, so that we may discern the signs of the times, and may He inflame our hearts with His Love, so that we may be ready to reach out to different sectors of our local community, bearing witness to the gospel and bringing others to join the ecclesial family, so that they too may share with us a life of everlasting happiness in your Kingdom. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Imprimatur: Cardinal John TONG, Apostolic Administrator, Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong
Date: 11 January 2021

Published on: 25-05-2021