29 Nov 2020

29 Nov

Before Mass:

Welcome … Thank you for your co-operation with the ushers regarding seating. Kindly do not sit or place your bag in the spaces marked with an X.

Today being the first Sunday of Advent, the Advent wreath will be blessed and a purple candle will be lit before Mass begins.

Before communion

Communion will be administered on the hand only.

In compliance with the COVID rules of social distancing, please follow the usher’s guidance with regards to your processing forward to receive communion.

Please return to your seat after communion; do not sit at a different location or stand along the wall.

After communion

We will now take up the collection for church.

The church is happy to advise that all the books of the Caritas raffle tickets have been sold and they would like to thank everyone who contributed. The result will be available this coming Thursday, 3rd December.

A reminder please about church attendance. The diocese has advised that if you attend a weekday Mass you can take that to have attended Mass on a Sunday. If you regularly attend a weekday Mass may we request that you consider not attending on Sundays to provide space to others? Thank you.

(please read slowly) Please also be reminded that we should be in the pews


the priest begins Mass. We have been directed to advise those who arrive


the Gospel has begun, that their Mass is not valid, and that they will need to attend another Mass.

For those wishing to go to confession, please refer to the information in the glass notice board as to when this is available.

After the final blessing please remain seated as the ushers will guide you to an exit.

As the priest processes out

Before you leave please take away with you your mask, tissue or any litter. Thank you for your consideration.

Finally, everyone has to leave the church after Mass. For now you cannot congregate at Our Lady’s grotto.

8:45 and 12:30

You are welcomed to return any time after 2 p.m. when there will be fewer people around. Thank you for your co-operation.

Published on: 30-11-2020