Instructions for attending Mass during the current COVID-19 situation

Please ensure you are masked before you enter church. Your temperature will be taken at the entrance. You will be required to click on the LeaveHomeSafe app on the notice board. If you do not have that on your mobile, you are required to provide your first name, contact phone number, date and time on slips of paper provided. Then use the hand sanitizer and proceed to line up.

Holy water will not be available.

When in church please follow the usher’s direction regarding seating; kindly do not sit or place anything in the spaces marked with an X.

Please follow the usher’s guidance with regards to your processing forward to receive communion to ensure social distancing.

Communion will be administered on the hand only.

Please remove your mask from your ear, do not pull it down under your chin.

Collection will be taken up after communion.

After the final blessing please remain seated as the ushers will guide you to an exit.

Before you leave please take away with you your mask, tissue or any litter.

The diocese has advised that because of the restricted seating capacity in church, one can take part in a weekday Mass and consider that as having attended a Sunday Mass.

Finally, everyone has to leave the church. For now you cannot congregate at Our Lady’s grotto. You are welcomed to return any time after 2 p.m. when there will be fewer people around.

Published on: 02-10-2020 (Last modified: 10-06-2021)