Notice Regarding Faithful Departed

General Guidelines

  1. Inform promptly the parish priest of the domicile of the deceased.
  2. Obtain from him the Certificate of Permission of Burial in the Certificate of Order Authorising Burial / Cremation of Body (Form 11), or Certified True Copy of Death Certificate issued by the Hong Kong Births and Deaths Registry, together with the Certificate of Baptism.
  3. Arrange with the priest date and time of burial.
  4. Make arrangements with a reputable funeral parlour or coffin shop for burial services.
  5. Arrange directly with the Supervisor of the Catholic Cemetery in which the family wishes to have the deceased buried by presenting Certificate of Permission of Burial in the Catholic Cemeteries and Certificate of Registration of Death or Certificate of Order Authorising Burial / Cremation of Body.
  6. Contact the priest to confirm the date and time for the funeral rites.


According to the present discipline of the Church, Catholics may choose to have their bodies cremated. It is not necessary to seek any special permission from Church Authority for cremation.

The rites ordinarily performed at the cemetery chapel or at the graveside may be conducted in the funeral parlour or in the chapel of the crematorium.

It is necessary to make arrangements with a priest to have the funeral rites performed. If the ashes of the deceased are to be placed in an ossuary niche in a Catholic Cemetery, the relatives should first obtain a Cremated Ashes Certificate and a Permission for Burial in the Catholic Cemetery (together with the ashes, memorial data, photograph and charge fee) and contact Cemetery Office for the arrangement.


  • Deal directly with the Sexton of the Cemetery in which the family wishes to bury the deceased, and never do it through a third party.
  • The Sexton and his assistants are all paid employees of the Catholic Church and no commissions or gratuities are to be offered for services rendered.

The standard charges to be paid are posted in the offices of the Sextons.

When in doubt, please contact the Superintendent of the Catholic Cemeteries.

The Superintendent of Catholic Cemeteries
Cheung Sha Wan Cemeteries Offices, Kowloon.
Tel. 2745 4220
Fax (852) 2307 2585

(Acknowledgement Diocesan Board of the Catholic Cemeteries, Hong Kong)

For detailed information , visit or purchase a copy of Hong Kong Catholic Church Directory at the Catholic Centre Bookshop.

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Published on: 21-01-2020 (Last modified: 10-09-2020)