2022-23 Annual Fund Raising Campaign

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

With the advent of a new liturgical year, on behalf of all the priests and the parish pastoral council of Rosary Church, may I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year with peace, vigour, love and joy!

Like previous years, the parish will soon commence the Annual Fund Raising Campaign, asking for your generous donations in supporting the church’s on-going pastoral and evangelizing effort as well as the increasing repair and maintenance works. 

For the past 117 years, Rosary Church has been our home for sacramental and spiritual growth.  We should work together to make our utmost effort to preserve it.  Thanks to the effort and generosity of congregants, the Parish has been able to carry out proactive maintenance of the church.  We have to praise the Lord for safeguarding our church in weathering numerous severe rainstorms and typhoons. 

In preparation for the 120th anniversary of Rosary Church in 2025, the Parish has sought the approval from the Bishop to carry out a major maintenance work of the church and hall, including waterproofing the roof and walls as well as replacement of the AC plants and audio system etc.  The works are expected to commence in 2023 and complete before the Parish Feast Day in 2024.

Since its very beginning, Rosary Church has been blessed with generous support from the faithful.  It is our cherished dream that this house of the Lord will continue to live and thrive for another century – but only possible with your care and support.  We have been really grateful for your generosity in the past years.   This year’s Annual Fund Raising Campaign will commence in mid December.  To make up for the operating deficit as well as to finance the major repair and maintenance works, we plan to raise $1.5 million this year.  You can participate in the campaign by the following means:

  • Crossed Cheque: please make a cheque payable to “Rosary Church Parish Finance Committee
  • Cash: please hand in directly to the Parish Office; or
  • Bank Transfer: please deposit to the Rosary Church Parish Finance Committee’s bank account 718-030-001935 at ICBC (Asia).

Receipts, which can be used for tax deduction, will be provided for donations of $100 or above. If you require a receipt, please fill in the required details in the annual donation envelope and return it to the parish office.

Our care and effort in maintaining and supporting Rosary Church is one way of expressing our thanks to the Lord.  May I earnestly request each one of you make generous donations to support the parish, its pastoral works and evangelization.

Sincerely in Christ,
Rev. Fr. Mario Emeterio Gutierrez Carrejo, MG

Published on: 23-12-2022 (Last modified: 03-01-2023)